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Sermons on Salvation (Page 2)


Series:  The Code Title:  Unclean Text:  Leviticus 11-15 1.  Understand the purpose of the cleanness code 2.  Grasp the basic ordinances of the cleanness code a. Animals for food b. Childbirth c. Skin diseases d. Fungus in garments e. Fungus in homes f. Bodily discharges 3.  Rejoice in the truths the cleanliness code teaches in…

Victory in Jesus

Series:  Great Hymns of the Faith Title:  Victory in Jesus Text:  1 Corinthians 15:50-56 Tonight’s Takeaway – Celebrate and live in the astounding victory won by Jesus 1.  Adam and all of us tanked in the garden 2.  God promised victory in the face of imminent defeat 3.  Jesus won the victory through his life…

Premature Celebration?

Title:  Premature Celebration? Text:  Luke 19:28-40 Today’s Takeaway – It’s never too early to celebrate victory in Jesus 1.  Jesus proclaimed the victory entering Jerusalem 2.  Jesus taught in victory before the people 3.  Jesus sealed the victory on the cross May every day be a day of victory in Jesus!