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Christ, Our Mediator

Series:  The Code
Title:  Christ, Our Mediator
Text:  Leviticus 8-10

Tonight’s Truth:  As sinful human beings, we need a holy mediator, a priest, to represent us before God, and that is ultimately found in Jesus Christ
5 Truths about Priests
Priests were…
1.  to be of a certain lineage
2.  to be consecrated
3.  the mediator before God for the people
4.  not allowed to improvise
5.  given three major roles:  sacrificing, discerning, and teaching
New Covenant truths about the priesthood in light of Christ
1.  Christ is of superior priestly order
2.  Christ is completely holy
3.  Christ is a better mediator for us
4.  We who are consecrated in Christ are priests ourselves
5.  Our worship of God is still regulated by God
May we worship and honor God through Christ, our mediator!


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