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Sermons on Doctrine of God

Blessed Beyond Measure

Series:  Greater > Things Title:  Blessed Beyond Measure Text:  Haggai 2:10-23 Today’s Truth:  God in His grace blesses us way more than we deserve 1. Blessings are often disguised as attention-getters 2. Blessings still flow to imperfect people who incline their heart to God 3. Blessings are fully realized in the son of David, King Jesus May God be praised for the overflowing abundance of undeserved blessing!

Mustard and Yeast

Series:  Let Him Hear Title:  Mustard and Yeast Text:  Matthew 13:31-33 Tonight’s Truth – The Kingdom of God may have begun small but will grow oftentimes imperceptibly until it’s massive, filling and blessing the entire earth 1.  The Kingdom of God began small 2.  The Kingdom of God will grow massive 3.  The Kingdom of…

A God-Centered Home

Series:  God-Shaped Parenting Title:  A God-Centered Home Text:  Matthew 22:37-38 Today’s Task – How do I build a God-centered home? 1.  Imitate the God-centeredness of God 2.  Fill your home with family prayer 3.  Gather around the Bible together at home 4.  Make the mission of God the mission of your home 5.  Prioritize highly…