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Sermons on Doctrine of End Times

Sore Loser

Series:  Enduring the Dragon Title:  Sore Loser Text:  Revelation 12:7-17 Loss #1:  Satan’s plan to stop Jesus was unsuccessful Loss #2:  Satan’s access for accusing saints in Heaven before God has been revoked Loss #3:  Satan’s earthly kingdom has been toppled with the inauguration of Jesus’ kingdom Satan’s Response – Satan’s rage will flow at…

The Christmas King

Series:  Ruined to Redeemed Title:  The Christmas King Text:  Isaiah 11:1-12 Today’s Takeaway – Surrender to and rejoice in King Jesus whose arriving kingdom is characterized by… 1. Hope for the downhearted 2. Spirit-filled, righteous leadership 3. The curse of sin erased 4. Salvation for people worldwide May King Jesus come quickly!

One in Resurrection Victory

Series:  Together We Stand Title:  One in Resurrection Victory Text:  1 Corinthians 15:35-58 Tonight’s Task:  How will our resurrection bodies more glorious than our current bodies? 1.  Our resurrection bodies will be imperishable, not perishable 2.  Our resurrection bodies will be honorable, not shameful 3.  Our resurrection bodies will be powerful, not weak 4.  Our…

One Believing in Resurrection

Series:  Together We stand Title:  One Believing in Resurrection Text:  1 Corinthians 15:12-34 Tonight’s Takeaway – Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation for the hope of our future resurrection 1.  Understand the serious implications if it’s impossible for people to be resurrected 2.  Jesus Christ’s resurrection is not only proof that it’s possible for people to…