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Title:  Magnify Text:  Luke 1:46-55 Today’s Takeaway – Christmas is your opportunity to magnify Jesus… 1. For the mercy shown in Him 2. For the blessing to the humble and needy by Him 3. For God keeping His promises through Him May your celebrations elevate Jesus above all else so that your Christmas is a CHRIST-mas

The Land of the Free

Title:  The Land of the Free Text:  1 Peter 2:16 Today’s Takeaway:  Don’t waste your freedom! 1.  Enjoy your freedom 2.  Defend your freedom 3.  Advocate against ungodliness 4.  Maximize your service to God May America be better because we take every advantage of our freedom in Christ!

A Father’s Love

Title:  A Father’s Love Text:  John 13:34-35 Today’s Topic:  Five declarations of love from a godly father 1.  I will love my God 2.  I will love my wife 3.  I will love my children 4.  I will love my church 5.  I will love my community May Eastwood be famous for having a gang of godly fathers…