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The Land of the Free

Title:  The Land of the Free Text:  1 Peter 2:16 Today’s Takeaway:  Don’t waste your freedom! 1.  Enjoy your freedom 2.  Defend your freedom 3.  Advocate against ungodliness 4.  Maximize your service to God May America be better because we take every advantage of our freedom in Christ!

A Father’s Love

Title:  A Father’s Love Text:  John 13:34-35 Today’s Topic:  Five declarations of love from a godly father 1.  I will love my God 2.  I will love my wife 3.  I will love my children 4.  I will love my church 5.  I will love my community May Eastwood be famous for having a gang of godly fathers…

What’s the Big Deal About Easter?

Title:  What’s the Big Deal About Easter? Text:  Mark 16:1-13 Today’s Takeaway – The resurrection of Christ changes everything! 1.  Our sorrow is changed into joy 2.  Our fear is changed into boldness 3.  Our skepticism is changed into faith 4.  Our wrecks are changed into restorations 5.  Our death is changed into victory May we gladly walk…

Premature Celebration?

Title:  Premature Celebration? Text:  Luke 19:28-40 Today’s Takeaway – It’s never too early to celebrate victory in Jesus 1.  Jesus proclaimed the victory entering Jerusalem 2.  Jesus taught in victory before the people 3.  Jesus sealed the victory on the cross May every day be a day of victory in Jesus!

O Holy Night

Series:  The Hymns of Christmas Title:  O Holy Night Text:  Philippians 2:5-11 Today’s Takeaway:  Make Jesus number one in your devotion and praise this Christmas 1.  Your salvation was more important to Jesus than His rights 2.  When you lower yourself and raise Jesus up, He raises you up with Him May you find the merriest Christmas in maximizing Jesus in your heart!