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Sermons on Isaiah

Resurrected Suffering Servant

Series:  Foretold Title:  Resurrected Suffering Servant Text:  Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Today’s Topic – 10 Easter truths about Jesus Christ, the resurrected suffering servant 1. Jesus came as a servant on an Easter mission for God 2. Jesus’ attractiveness came not from His appearance 3. Jesus was brutalized and put to shame through the process of the…

The Christmas King

Series:  Ruined to Redeemed Title:  The Christmas King Text:  Isaiah 11:1-12 Today’s Takeaway – Surrender to and rejoice in King Jesus whose arriving kingdom is characterized by… 1. Hope for the downhearted 2. Spirit-filled, righteous leadership 3. The curse of sin erased 4. Salvation for people worldwide May King Jesus come quickly!

Here’s Your Sign

Series:  Ruined to Redeemed Title:  Here’s Your Sign Text:  Isaiah 7:1-25 1.  Judah seemed to be in big trouble 2.  Judah’s king, Ahaz, planned a worldly solution to the trouble 3.  God through Isaiah encouraged Ahaz to trust in God for deliverance, even offering a sign 4.  Ahaz ignored the offer, but God gave a…

Hope Foretold

Series:  The Thrill of Hope Title:  Hope Foretold Text:  Isaiah 53:1-12 Today’s Takeaway – Hope in Christ as you look through the cradle to the cross! 1.  The Christ was completely combined God and man 2.  The Christ was beautifully ordinary 3.  The Christ was our merciful substitute 4.  The Christ received an abounding reward…