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Sermons on Blessings

Jacob at the Ford

Series:  Close Encounters Title:  Jacob at the Ford Text:  Genesis 32:22-32 Life-changing truths from Jacob’s close encounter with God: 1. Refuse to let go of God because that’s where real blessing is found 2. Blessing often comes only after intense struggle 3. Sometimes God will wound you to emphasize His grace May you encounter God…

Blessed Beyond Measure

Series:  Greater > Things Title:  Blessed Beyond Measure Text:  Haggai 2:10-23 Today’s Truth:  God in His grace blesses us way more than we deserve 1. Blessings are often disguised as attention-getters 2. Blessings still flow to imperfect people who incline their heart to God 3. Blessings are fully realized in the son of David, King Jesus May God be praised for the overflowing abundance of undeserved blessing!