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Sermons from 2017

O Holy Night

Series:  The Hymns of Christmas Title:  O Holy Night Text:  Philippians 2:5-11 Today’s Takeaway:  Make Jesus number one in your devotion and praise this Christmas 1.  Your salvation was more important to Jesus than His rights 2.  When you lower yourself and raise Jesus up, He raises you up with Him May you find the merriest Christmas in maximizing Jesus in your heart!

Joy to the World

Series:  The Hymns of Christmas Title:  Joy to the World Text:  Luke 2:8-20 Today’s Takeaway:  Run to Jesus to find joy because… 1.  He is the promised Savior 2.  His good news is for all the people 3.  He experienced the fullness of human existence 4.  He is the highest thing we can rejoice in May our joy be made complete this Christmas…

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Series:  The Hymns of Christmas Title:  O Little Town of Bethlehem Text:  Micah 5:2 Today’s Task:  What does Jesus being born in Bethlehem tell us about God? 1.  God can tell the end from the beginning 2.  God keeps His promises 3.  God can do big things in little places May we make room for the Savior in our hearts and lives!

Go, Tell It on the Mountain

Series:  The Hymns of Christmas Title:  Go, Tell It on the Mountain Text:  2 Corinthians 5:16-21 Today’s Takeaway:  We as ambassadors of Christ have a message of reconciliation to go tell the world 1.  You can be new in Christ 2.  You can be forgiven in Christ 3.  You can be made righteous in Christ We accomplish this task as an individual…

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Title:  Thanksgiving Leftovers Text:  Matthew 14:13-21 Today’s Takeaway:  Give thanks to God for His abundance 1.  God’s abundant compassion 2.  God’s abundant power 3.  God’s abundant provision May our thanksgiving to God fill Heaven to overflow!

God Never Fails

Series:  When Life Doesn’t Make Sense Title:  God Never Fails Text:  Habakkuk 2:2-4 Today’s takeaway:  Live by faith when life doesn’t make sense 1.  God remains steadfast 2.  God sometimes ordains things that seems out of character 3.  God will indeed bring about justice May faith be our cry when life doesn’t make sense!