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The Second Oldest Sin

Series:  Life Lessons from the Mountain
Title:  The Second Oldest Sin
Text:  Matthew 5:21-26

Tonight’s Takeaway:  Guard your heart against unrighteous anger so that you avoid walking in Cain’s footsteps
1.  There is a difference between righteous anger and unrighteous anger
2.  Unrighteous anger must be guarded against because it is murder in the heart
3.  Murder in the heart often leads murder with the tongue
4.  Murder in the heart can even lead to murder with the hands
How do we handle anger in a godly way?
1.  Replace thinking that leads to unrighteous anger
2.  Lean on the Holy Spirit’s power
3.  Stay in control
4.  Avoid bottling it up
5.  Focus your energy toward the problem
6.  Be quick to reconcile
May we follow Jesus instead of Cain when anger flames up in our heart!


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