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Reading Leviticus Rightly

Series:  The Code: Leviticus in Light of the New Covenant
Title:  Reading Leviticus Rightly
Text:  Hebrews 6-10

Tonight’s Truth – If we are going to understand Leviticus rightly, we must understand it in light of the New Covenant as a preparation for Christ.
1.  The Bible is a progressive revelation that is now closed
2.  In interpreting and applying the Bible, we must employ the right hermeneutic
3.  We must recognize the Shadow-Substance and the Promise-Fulfillment motifs of Scripture
4.  Even if a passage is no longer directly applicable to us, it is still endlessly relevant to us
May our walk through Leviticus cause you to grow in your knowledge of redemptive history and to grow in the joy of your Redeemer!


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