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Moral Purity

Series:  The Code
Title:  Moral Purity
Text:  Leviticus 17-20

The Moral Call on Our Lives = Be holy as God is Holy
Tonight’s Task – What are the summary commandments of the moral holiness code found in Leviticus?
1. Don’t sacrifice to anybody but God and anywhere but the tabernacle
2. Don’t eat blood
3. Don’t engage in sexual immorality
4. Don’t mistreat your neighbor
5. Don’t sacrifice your children
6. Don’t imitate or mix with pagans
Applying the Lens of the New Covenant:
1. God still calls us to be holy
2. The wages of sin is still death
3. The law still does nothing but condemn us
4. Christ is still our only hope
May we strive for moral purity while resting in the moral purity of Christ!


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