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Intro to Eastwood

Series:  Next Steps
Title:  Intro to Eastwood
Text: Matthew 16:18

1.  Why church?
There are to be no orphans among God’s children
Eastwood’s mission:  Develop relationships to impact people with biblical answers to life’s challenges
Eastwood’s strategy:  To be a multisite church that offers opportunities to…
a. Gather
b. Grow
c. Go
d. Next Steps
2.  Why this church?
Eastwood’s values:
a.  the Power of God’s Word
b.  the Pursuit of Life Transformation
c.  the Passion of Missional Living
d.  the Priority of Authentic Relationships
Eastwood’s doctrinal distinctives:
a.  the Bible is absolute truth with no mixture of error
b.  salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone
c.  baptism is by immersion for the believer as a symbol
d.  every believer is a saint and a priest
e.  the believer is eternally secure
f.  church government is congregational
Eastwood’s ministers
Reasons Eastwood might not be the church for you
Welcome to Eastwood!


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