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Acceptable Priests and Sacrifices

Series:  The Code
Title:  Acceptable Priests and Sacrifices
Text:  Leviticus 21-22

Tonight’s Takeaway – God requires flawlessness and wholeness for those in His presence and His worship
For the priests:
1. Ceremonial purity requirements for all priests
a. Limited contact with a dead body
b. Limited bodily alteration
c. Limited options for marriage
2. Ceremonial purity requirements for the high priest
a. Limited display of emotions
b. Forbidden contact with a dead body
c. Forbidden to marry anybody but a virgin
3. Physical requirements for all priests
a. No physical defects
4. Requirements for priests to consume consecrated offerings
a. Do not eat consecrated offerings unclean
b. Do not allow anybody but your household eat consecrated offerings
For the sacrifices:
1. It must be a male
2. It must be without blemish
3. It must be at least 8 days old
Principles from Leviticus in light of the New Covenant:
1. Only Christ is a worthy priest
2. Only Christ is a worthy sacrifice
3. Only through Christ are we made flawless and whole


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