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A Christian Platform for November

Series: Jesus 2020
Title: A Christian Platform for November
Text: James 1:22-25

Today’s Truth – We must take our Christianity into the voting booth
A Christian Platform for 2020…
1. Freedom – Freedoms of religion, life, and property are human rights given from God.
2. Life – Life is to be valued and protected from conception to death.
3. Gender – Being male or female is a gift that glorifies God and is determined by God through a person’s biological sex.
4. Marriage – Marriage is a lifetime covenant union between one man and one woman.
5. Sexuality – Sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed only between a husband and wife.
6. Family – The family as a father, mother, and children through marriage, birth, or adoption is ordained by God for human flourishing and should be encouraged and protected.
7. Parenting – Parents retain the God-given right to care for, educate, and discipline their children within the bounds of righteousness.
8. Justice – Government is to create and uphold righteous laws impartially.
9. Race – Human beings are one race with many ethnicities to be celebrated and treated with dignity and equity.
10. Poverty – God’s heart for the poor calls people to provide both help in crises and opportunities to rise out of poverty.
May Jesus be the Lord of your life, which includes being Lord of your vote!