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The Noble Task of Pastoring

Series:  Diagnosis: Healthy Church
Title:  The Noble Task of Pastoring
Text:  1 Timothy 3:1-7

Today’s Truth – A healthy church has a Biblical vision for the pastors of the church.

  1. What words does the New Testament use for this office?

ποιμήν (poimān) = pastor, shepherd

ἐπισκοπή (episkopā) = overseer, bishop

πρεσβύτερος (presbūteros) = elder

  1. What are the responsibilities and function of this office?
  1. What are the qualifications of this office?

1) Male
2) Above reproach
3) Faithful to his wife if married
4) Serious-minded
5) Self-controlled (disciplined from Titus 1:8)
6) Respectable (lover of good, upright, and holy from Titus 1:8)
7) Hospitable
8) Able to teach (hold sound doctrine and are able to rebuke those who don’t from Titus 1:9)
9) Not a drunkard
10) Not violent
11) Not quarrelsome (not arrogant from Titus 1:7)
12) Not a lover of money
13) Manages his household well, including any children he has
14) Not a recent convert
15) Well thought of by outsiders

May Eastwood call biblical pastors and follow biblical pastors to greater health and kingdom impact!