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Series:  I ♥️ My Church: A Peculiar People Interlude
Title:  Act
Text:  1 Corinthians 16:14

Today’s Truth – Loving my church requires action
1. Place myself under the spiritual leadership of this local body, particularly its pastors
2. Gather together regularly with this local body
3. Develop genuine Christian relationships with members of this local body
4. Cultivate unity and peace with those in this local body
5. Pursue life transformation with the aid of this local body
6. Invite members of this local body to hold me accountable
7. Uphold the doctrines and discipline of this local body
8. Serve Christ through the mission, vision, and strategy of this local body
9. Give financially to the ministries of this local body
10. Share the gospel and invite others to gather with this local body
11. Seek biblical justice for and extend relief and compassion to those in and around this local body
12. Pray faithfully and fervently for this local body
May love be evident when we people see our church because they will see love in action!