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Just Tell It Like It Is

Have you ever met somebody that has the “I just tell it like it is” attitude? What that statement actually means is that they like to say harsh things in a harsh way. In their lack of discernment, they see their abrasiveness as a badge of honor, but typically, it is to their detriment and shame because they are all “truth” but no love.

But then there are others who are too afraid to speak any truth. They just want people to feel affirmed and built up. But, beloved, despite what the world tells you today, not everything is worthy of being affirmed, and there are things that people shouldn’t be built up in. But these people think they are being loving by not speaking the truth. They are all “love” but no truth.

Now, both are ditches we should avoid. Avoid being “all truth but no love,” and at the same time, avoid being “all love but no truth”

So then, what is the right way? Well, the right way is described in Ephesian 4:15 where the Holy Spirit through Apostle Paul calls us to speak the truth in love. Both truth and love must be present. We must speak truth and do it lovingly, winsomely, and we must love by being truthful. That means, it’s not just what we say but also how we say it. And it’s not just how we say it, but that what we say is true.

Beloved, speak the truth in love. Only then can people really grow up in every way in Christ. May you learn to speak the truth in love, and may you long to hear truth spoken in love.

Change begins in you!


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