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Gifted and Talented

When I was growing up and going through Richardsville Elementary School in Bowling Green, KY, my school had an enrichment program called “Gifted and Talented.” Students who excelled academically were pulled aside once a week to be further challenged in their development.

As I read in Ephesians 4, I am reminded of that school program in v7 where it says that every person who is in Christ has been graced or gifted by God according to the measure of Christ’s gift. I take that to mean that while everybody is gifted in some way, Christ in His sovereign wisdom gifts each person with the measure he sees fit. We all have gifts, but we don’t all have the same gifts. We all have gifts, but we don’t all have the same measure of those gifts. God gives us these gifts as He sees fit for the common good

Beloved, your gift may not be my gift and vice versa, but we each are gifted and talented by God and should use it to our maximum for the glory of God and the good of those around us. May your gifting make a massive impact!

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