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Change Begins in You (2022-11-25)

Back in 2006, my wife’s youngest brother signed up to be a part of a harvesting crew that that farmers would contract to help harvest crops out west. They started down in Texas and would work their way north to Montana, harvesting wheat, corn, soybeans, and whatever you could harvest with a big John Deere combine.

Those farmers depended on these contracted harvesting crews because while the crops were huge, the pool of helpers to get those crops in were very small.

Jesus saw the same thing when it came to lost people in his day. The harvest was plentiful. It was plentiful then and it is plentiful now. You see, experts tell us that about 65-75% of our community doesn’t know Jesus and is lost. That means there’s a huge spiritual harvest just waiting to be brought in.

But the laborers are few. If we’re going to bring in this big harvest of salvations, we need more people in the field of our community working to share the gospel of Jesus Christ so that people will be saved. Will you work for that harvest? Will you begin today?

Change begins in you!


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