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Change Begins in You (2022-11-18)

One of the wildest stories in the Bible was when Jesus was walking through the Gentile region of the Gadarenes. All of a sudden, two demon-possessed men jumped out, and those demons through the mouths of those men began to beg Jesus not to destroy them. They begged Jesus to instead cast them out into the herd of pigs that was nearby.

Jesus granted their request, and as soon as they entered those pigs, those demons drove that whole herd of pigs into the nearby lake and drowned them all to death.

What a story! Beloved, the spiritual forces of darkness are real and are hell-bent on your destruction. They would love to do to you what they did those pigs. And you better believe they are at work in our community today. Therefore, you need the spiritual protection of Jesus. Are you covered and secured by the blood of Jesus? You can be today. Cry out to him, ask him to forgive you of your sins and to be your savior, and make him Lord of life. The darkness cannot overcome the light of Christ.

Change begins in you!


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