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Change Begins in You (2022-10-31)

So many folks today want to draw attention to themselves. They just seem to always be screaming, “Look at me! ”

Jesus dealt with a similar situation in his day. People would fast from food but not for a spiritual reason like they were supposed to. How do we know? Because while fasting, they would present themselves in a way said, “Look at me!” They would noticeably mope around, let their hair look all messed up, wear grungy clothes, and carry a painful look on their face. They were playing to the crowd so that everybody would notice them and think they’re special.

Jesus in Matthew 6 basically said, “Stop all that silliness.” Stop trying to get the world to notice you. Stop worrying about that audience of the world, and start worrying about that audience of One, our God who is in Heaven. You and I should do the same.

Change begins in you!


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