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A Godly Boss

If you had the choice of being the boss or being the one bossed, which would you choose? Most all of us would say, I’d rather be the boss. But being the boss comes with higher responsibility and higher accountability. You see, God expects you to be a good boss, which is to be a godly boss.

According to Ephesians 6, there are 5 aspects of being a godly boss. First is to lead those under you out of reverence and obedience to God, who is your heavenly boss. Yes, you may be the boss of bosses, but even you have a heavenly boss above you.

Second is to lead those under you with a sincere heart. Godly leaders really care about their team and staff. They don’t fake it. If you fake it, your team will see through it, and you will fail.

Third is to realize that God will reward you for doing good. Being a boss is sometimes not only a thankless job but also a stressful and lonely job. However, those who are godly are living for the greater reward from above.

Fourth is to lead without coercion. A boss that has to lead by threats will not lead far. There’ll will not only be diminished productivity but also increased turnover.

And fifth and finally is to lead with a mindset that you aren’t better than those you are leading. Scripture here says that God favors neither the boss nor the one being bossed. He shows no partiality or see one as more important than the other. Therefore, you shouldn’t perceive yourself more important either. Be humble as the boss.

For those of you who are a boss or supervisor in some form or fashion, I hope you’ll take these aspects to heart to be the best boss you can. And for those of you are under a boss, pray for your boss that he or she would lead in these godly ways.

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