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Take This Job and…

Ol’ Johnny Paycheck famously sang back in the day, “Take this job and shove. I ain’t working here no more.” How many times have you as an employee wanted to say that? Maybe you have said that.

Sometimes we just work under bad bosses, but if we are to be honest, sometimes we’re just not good employees. Sometimes we just don’t like being told what to do. But being Spirit filled doesn’t just apply to marriage and to parenting. It also applies to the workplace. Paul here in Ephesians 5 talks about bond-servants and masters. This kind of relationship is somewhat like our current employee-boss relationship.

Paul says that Spirit-filled employees are to obey their earthly bosses with reverence and with a sincere heart. They realize that doing what their boss says to do is one of the ways that live under the Lordship of Christ. And in doing so, God will reward them.

How about you? Do you seek to honor your boss in your actions? Even deeper, do you honor your boss in your heart? Do you strive to think highly of him or her? Do you hold your tongue behind their back? Do you pray for them to be better? Do you appreciate them and show respect to them? That’s what Spirit-filled employees do. And that’s what good employees do.

Change begins in you!


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