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Your Immense Inheritance

My dad is a bit of a junker and scrapper. He’ll take things that most folks would throw away and pile it up on top the hill there on his land where nobody can see it. And when he gets enough and the market is right, he’ll go sell all of that and make a surprising amount of money.

Every once a while, I’ll ride up on the hill with him to have a look at what all he has up there, and Dad will so often say tongue in cheek with a big smile, “Son, one day all of this will be yours.” And we both laugh because while it might be an inheritance, it ain’t much of one.

I’m guessing that a lot of you are like me in that regard. You might get an inheritance one day from your folks, but it won’t be much of one. That is, unless you are a Christian. You see, in Ephesians 1, the Holy Spirit through Apostle Paul tells us that in Christ, we have obtained an inheritance. And it’s not a poor man’s inheritance. No, it’s an inheritance from the King of the Universe. It’s the inheritance from God the Father to His only-begotten son Jesus Christ. Christ is the Father’s heir.

But guess what, according to Romans 8:17, all of you who have turned from sin and trusted in Christ, you are an adopted son or daughter of God the Father, and you too are an heir of God and co-heir with Christ. That means, everything Christ gets you get.

Back to Ephesians 1, beloved, you have obtained an inheritance indeed! And God in His sovereign grace has purposed to give it to you. May this news not only brighten your day, but may it heighten your praise to the one who has given it to you!

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