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Wednesday Is for Worship: Our God Saves


Our God saves!  What sweet words to meditate on this Wednesday, and what better way to do that than to sing from the heart a song that has that exact title.

Written by Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche, “Our God Saves” was published in 1997 through Thankyou Music.  This song has been on my heart since last Wednesday night when I led the gathered campuses of Eastwood to sing it at our groundbreaking service.  It was a perfect song, capturing the reason we’re extending out into Alvaton.

It’s really a very simple song lyrically, but the truth that it points to is marvelous.  The verse opens recognizing the Trinity.  Every person of the Trinity is worthy of praise and active in the gift of salvation.

As we gather in worship, lifting up God and bowing down in praise, we are declaring the hope found in God.  Christian, do you want to be a witness about the hope found in Jesus?  Then worship God!  That’s really the whole point of this song.  Through our worship, people will come to know that God saves, and I pray many will personally come to experience that salvation.

May your worship this Wednesday be a witness to the great salvation from God!

In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son
In the name of the Spirit, Lord, we come
We’re gathered together to lift up Your Name
To call on our Savior to fall on Your grace

Hear the joyful sound of our offering
As Your saints bow down, as Your people sing
We will rise with You, lifted on Your wings
And the world will see that

Our God saves, our God saves
There is hope in Your name
Our God saves, our God saves
There is hope in Your name
Mourning turns to songs of praise
Our God saves, our God saves

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