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Wednesday Is for Worship: Behold the Lamb (Communion Song)


This is Wednesday, but it’s also the day that we have scheduled at our church to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Our church has two campuses, and one of the ways we try to promote unity is to worship together on Wednesday nights, and about every four months, the gathered campuses celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Tonight is that night for us.  So, today’s song is a Lord’s Supper song, “Behold the Lamb (Communion Song).”

Wednesday Is for Worship: “Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed”

Although we just closed up the season of Eastertide with last Sunday being Pentecost Sunday, I want to do one more resurrection song.  Of course, since every Sunday is a reminder of Jesus’ resurrection, these songs never go out of “season”! Today’s worship song is a dandy!  The arrangement, the accompaniment, the words themselves, and the content of the lyrics are joy-filled…

Wednesday Is for Worship: “O Church, Arise”

It’s Wednesday, and it’s time to arise!  Today’s Wednesday Is for Worship song will call you to do just that as we sing along with “O Church, Arise.” Written and published through Thankyou Music in 2005 by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, who have shown themselves to be today’s premiere modern hymn-writers, this song is a battle hymn for the church.  We…