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Hungry? Then Do Right

If I were to get you a gift card to your favorite restaurant, where would that be? And what would you order? Mine would be Outback, and I would order that big, ol’ bone-in ribeye cooked medium, with steak fries, and a great big blooming onion. Oh, my goodness, that meal is so good it’ll make you wanna jump and kiss your momma! Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Every single one of us knows what it is to feel hunger pangs or to crave something. We need that thing so badly or want that thing like crazy, but we recognize that God is our ultimate provider. He is the one who supplies for us. All blessings flow from Him.

And so Proverbs 10:3 is a big encouragement to us. It says, “The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.” To thwart something is to hinder, to frustrate, or to prevent something. So, this proverb basically says, “God blesses those who do right, and stands against those who do wrong.”

Do you want to receive God’s blessings and favor? Then do what He has commanded you to do. And if you do not, just know that God is against you and will withhold the cravings of your heart.

Beloved, blessing follows obedience.

Change begins in you!


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