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Enemies of the Harvest

In January we preached and prayed for a great harvest, but we know there are many enemies of the harvest.  Gardeners and farmers have to guard against all sorts of pests that look to steal the harvest, but they also have to work against time so that they don’t miss the harvest.  Harvest season comes, and harvest season goes.  Therefore, work for winter is coming when the harvest will be no more!

So that we don’t miss the season of harvest, guard against these enemies of the harvest, which tempt us to put off working for the harvest.

  1.  A “there’s always tomorrow” mindset

Often we feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with somebody but allow the devil to convince us that it would be better to tell them tomorrow.  The devil never minds a person getting saved as long as it’s tomorrow.  Scripture says that today is the day of salvation.  Therefore, we must share the Good News today.

  1.  The fear of man

We don’t want to look stupid.  We don’t want to harm a relationship.  We don’t want to embarrass somebody.  We could come up with several more excuses that at their root are nothing more than the fear of man.  We should fear more their soul going to hell and the Lord who commanded us to witness.

  1.  Meager faith

We would never say it but deep down we’re tempted to believe that some people will never be saved.  They’re too whatever.  But, beloved, remember that our Bible says that God can move mountains.  He can certainly move a sinner’s heart.  Our Bible says that God can do all things, and “all things” includes saving the rankest of sinners.  Pray to God for more faith, and then exercise that faith by sharing Jesus.

  1.  A lack of love

We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We certainly would want our neighbor to work to snatch us from the pits of Hell, and doing anything less for our neighbor is to show a lack of love.  Pray that God would give you love and compassion for your neighbor.

  1.  Misunderstanding your role

God is sovereign all things, even salvation, but His plan is to use you and me to be His messengers of salvation.  He has planned no other means.  Therefore, you and I are essential parts of His plan to bring in a great harvest.  We’re not optional.  We are indispensible gospel witnesses for Jesus Christ!  Now, get out there and work for the harvest!

May you have victory over these enemies before the harvest has passed!


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