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Changes Begins in You (10-11-2022)

We in the South love to say, “Well, bless your heart.” God does indeed want to bless your heart because your heart is the key to one day seeing God. But it takes a pure heart. Jesus said in Matthew 5:8, Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

But nobody’s born with a pure heart. We’re born sinners with spiritually defective hearts that love things other than God, and based on this congenital heart defect, none of us would see God.

But God wants to bless your heart, and not just your heart, your entire body and soul. You see, He sent Jesus to give you a new, pure heart that beats for Him. And when you turn from sin and trust in Christ, that new heart is yours. Then you will one day see God in Heaven. Bless your heart.

Change begins in you!


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