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Change Begins in You (2023-02-01)

The most important question that you will ever answer is, who is Jesus? In Matthew 16, Jesus asked his disciples who people said that he is. They responded that some thought he was the reincarnation of one of the dead great prophets like Elijah or Jeremiah. Some thought that he was John the Baptist come back to life. But then Jesus turned to his disciples and asked them, but who do you say that I am? That is a question that Jesus asks every single one of us.

The great Christian author, CS Lewis said the answer to that question boils down to just three answers. We can even say that Jesus is a liar, a lunatic, or Lord. He said that Jesus really didn’t give us any other option because he claimed to be the Messiah Christ, the son of God in the flesh. So either one, he was lying to us and was not who he said he was. Or two, he was a stark, raving lunatic, a crazy person who was delusional. Or three, he is who he actually says he is. He is the Lord. But the one thing we must not say, which is so popular for people to say today, is that Jesus was just a good person or just a good teacher. He never left us that option. The only plausible answer is liar, lunatic, or Lord.

So, which is Jesus? Who do you say that Jesus is? Peter answered rightly when Jesus asked him this question in Matthew 16. He said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God!” I pray that you would say the same thing.

Change begins in you!


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