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Change Begins in You (2023-01-11)

What is your most valuable possession? It may be truly worth a lot of money or maybe just really meaningful to you, but either way, it’s highly valuable. In Matthew 13, Jesus tells the stories of two men who each found something incredibly valuable.

One man found a buried treasure. I have to assume it was a chest filled with gold and other precious metals. The other man found a very large and fine pearl. Both finds were extremely valuable. And both men did the very same thing. They went and sold everything that they had to be able to take possession of what they had found.

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like finding that buried treasure and that fine pearl. And if you and I were smart, we would trade every single thing we have in order to take possession of the kingdom of heaven.

Is there something you’re holding onto that’s keeping you from having the kingdom of heaven? Friend, whatever that thing is, it doesn’t compare to what is found in the kingdom of heaven. Let go of it, and lay hold of this astounding offer from God by making Jesus your Savior and Lord. You’ll never find something more valuable.

Change begins in you!


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