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Change Begins in You (2023-01-09)

You, undoubtedly, have tasted mustard before, but have you ever seen a mustard seed? It really is a tiny seed, about 1 mm in diameter, which is about the diameter of a sharpened pencil lead. In Matthew 13, Jesus said it was the smallest of seeds. He was not speaking scientifically there, but experientially. It was the smallest seed the people in his community were familiar with. It is indeed a small seed, but man, it grows and grows into a tree that blesses the ecosystem around it.

Jesus says that the kingdom of God is like that mustard seed. It would start out small but would grow and grows into a massive kingdom that blesses all in it and around it. Just think about it, Christianity began with just a few followers of Jesus Christ in his day, but today over 2.2 billion people consider themselves to be Christians. That’s mustard seed like growth!

The question is, are you one of those Christians? Have you turned from sin and trusted in Jesus Christ? Are you a follower of Jesus? While the kingdom of God started off small, it’s now super big, and guess what: there’s always room for one more. Yes, there’s room for you! Come on in!

Change begins in you!


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