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Change Begins in You (2022-12-07)

Critics of Christianity claim that real men have a hard time connecting to the church. It’s too effeminate. It’s too introspective. It’s too touchy feely, they say. But we see real men all over the Bible, and John the Baptist was one of them.

Speaking about John, Jesus basically said in Matthew 11, you didn’t come to see some soft, preppy dude in fancy clothes, did you? Surely you didn’t come to see some wimp sitting around in a king’s house? No, you came to see a real man of God, and that’s exactly what John was.

He was a real man, but he was also a man of God. Yes, those two ideas go together. Real men can be men of God. In fact, the realest men follow and serve King Jesus. As John the Baptist rose up and declared Jesus the savior of the world, men, I’m calling you to rise up and do the same. And when the men rise up in Jesus’ name, this community will change.

Change begins in you!


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