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Change Begins in You (2022-12-02)

Have you ever heard it said that Jesus is the Prince of Peace? Well, He certainly is. But that doesn’t mean that those of us who follow Him will always experience peace on this earth. No, sadly, Jesus is a dividing line. He makes this clear in Matthew 10. There will be those who will say, well, if you’re going to follow Jesus, we can’t be friends.

Sometimes it’s even worse. I know a man who came to Christ later in life after he was married. His newfound faith caused his wife to really struggle because she wanted nothing to do with Jesus. And when the Lord called him to not just be a Christian, but to be a preacher, she divorced him. Sometimes our enemies will be in our own household.

Stories like this break our heart, but being willing to lose fans, friends, and family in this life for the sake of Christ just comes with the territory. That’s tough to swallow, but never forget: it’s better to gain Jesus and lose the entire world than it is to gain the world but lose Jesus.

Change begins in you!


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