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Your Last Word

If today was your final day on this earth, what message would you want to leave behind?

During my undergraduate time at Hanover College, an alma mater I now proudly share with our Vice President of the United States Mike Pence, a yearly highlight for both the students and faculty was what our college called “The Last Lecture Series.” As a freshman, it really confused me because I thought it meant the professor giving the special lecture was leaving the college, but I soon came to understand that he or she was not leaving.  They were just being given the chance to say what they would want to say if it was their last lecture.  As you might imagine, the lectures were outstanding and passionate.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your last lecture in life before it really was your last lecture?  Honestly, every single one of us gets that opportunity.  Each day is an opportunity to live out our last lecture.  Every morning stand before us another chance to write another sentence, another paragraph, another page in the message we want to leave behind when we are gone.

Friend, don’t waste today.  Live for the glory of God.  Love on those you love most.  Line out another sentence of your last lecture.  It may be your last chance to make a last impression!


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