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Wednesday Is for Worship: “Forgiven Much”

A blesséd Wednesday to you!  One of the great wonders of history is the fact that God forgives sinners through faith in Jesus Christ.  That’s absolutely amazing!  He doesn’t just forgive believers a little.  He forgives completely!  He forgives much because there is much for which we need forgiveness.  Just think about the depth of your sin and then think of the depth of His forgiveness of your sin through Jesus.  That’ll produce powerful praise out of you!

Today’s song is written with this very thought in mind.  It’s called “Forgiven Much.”  I’m afraid I don’t know much about the song other than it has come out of New Creation Church in Singapore where Joseph Prince is the pastor.  Isn’t it awesome to think of Asian people singing praise to Jesus?!!  My friend and church sister Sharon Paschal introduced the song to me last week, and it’s stuck in my heart since then.  May you rejoice this day in the Lord for the great forgiveness He has bestowed upon you in Jesus Christ!

Jesus, You are my King, You’re my King
Lamb of God, You’re my sin offering
There is none who would die for my gain
You alone made this selfless exchange

I declare You’re my God, You’re my God
You’ve removed all my fears, all my doubts
At the cross, there Your will is revealed
Every sickness and pain You have healed

Lord I call on Your name, on Your name
You’ve removed all my sins, all my shame
By Your grace, in Your arms I am found
Dearly loved and with goodness I’m crowned

For Your love will never fail
Your love will never fail

Now and evermore I say, You are my righteousness
My life is in Your hands, in Your hands
Now and evermore I say, I am forgiven much
Your mercy knows no end, knows no end (it knows no end)


I couldn’t find the chord sheet on the internet.  So, I worked it up.  You can download it here to introduce it to your church.


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