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Want God to Love You More?

Would God love you more if you read the Bible more?

You know the spiritual slide.  You find yourself neglecting to read the Word of God.

You read Facebook.  You read Twitter.  You read the Daily News.  You read your favorite News Dot Com.  You read the latest fiction.  Anything but the Bible.

And then one day the guilt hits you.  Suddenly you realize that you’ve been neglecting the Word of God, and you feel like a big failure.  You are shaken by with the thought that God must be mad at you.  While you know that God loves you, you figure that He would love you more if you were a better Christian, if you read the Bible more.

Would God love you more if you read the Bible more?

Beloved, let me put your heart at ease.  While you should regularly be in the Word of God, God’s love is not based upon your performance.  His love for you is based upon your connection to Jesus Christ.  You see, through Jesus, He has fixed His love on you, a love that is perfect, insatiable, and never-ending.  Neglecting to read the Bible makes God love you no less.

But, here’s the question that should rivet you:  would YOU love God more if you read the Bible more?

Yes, yes, a hundred times yes!  When you read the Word of God, you cannot help but be moved by God.  There He is in all of His beauty, all of His grandeur, all of His wisdom, and all of His power.  He leaps off of the page, and the natural response is, “God, you are great!  My goodness, I love You!”

So, while there is nothing more you can do if you are in Christ to make God love you any more, your love for God will grow if you’ll simply open up the Word of God and read.

Get in the Word, and watch your love for God grow like crazy!

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