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It’s a Team Harvest

As laborers for Jesus, we are all working to reap a harvest through the gospel.  We plant, we water, and we harvest.  However, we don’t always get to do all three things with the same person.  Sometimes we’re the one who plants the gospel in a person’s life.  At other times we’re the one who waters that gospel so that it might take root, grow, bloom, and bear fruit.  Still other times we are the one who gets to harvest that soul by leading them to faith in Jesus Christ.  Of course, it’s God who brings the growth and the harvest, but He uses human agents to bring it about (Matthew 9:37-38).  It’s a blessing to be part of all three phases with the same person, but I would guess that that’s actually fairly rare.

Why Is Church Membership Important?

Church membership is on the ropes.  Anecdotal evidence abounds as our church literally has been knocking on every door here in the city of Alexandria.  So many times we’ve heard, “I’m a Christian, but I don’t need to ever go to church.” Compelling evidence also exists in the statistics of our denomination.  The Southern Baptist Convention boasts a membership of over 16…