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The Replacements Are Way Better!

With the NFL football season now thankfully underway (Is there anything worse in the sports world than that stretch between the end of the NBA finals and the kickoff of the NFL season?!  It’s like athletic purgatory.), it’s time to see which team of pros is going to rise to the occasion and bring home that Lombardi Trophy.  Maybe it’ll be the…

Extreme Makeover: Cosmos Edition

The other day I was thinking through the tragic loss of the fullness of what God created and blessed mankind with in the Garden of Eden. We live in a broken world. Indeed, Paradise has been lost. However, God has not abandoned His blessing to us because Paradise Lost is becoming Paradise Restored.

But even better is that God does not just restore Paradise. He improves Paradise. It’s like a cosmic Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You know that on that show they never just restore the house back to what it was. They always make it way cooler than before. That’s exactly what God’s going to do with the universe! […]

The Eternal Destiny of Little Ones Who Die Before Trusting Christ

A good friend recently wrote me with a serious question: Where does it say in the Bible that younger children are safe from Hell up to a certain age? She, of course, is talking about the doctrine that many call “the age of accountability,” and because she’d never actually read anything about it in the Scripture herself, she was wondering if this teaching is actually in the Bible or just something she’d been told.

With a few updates, here is the basic answer I gave her, which I thought would be helpful for others as well.