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The Demise of Death

One of the most haunting songs has to be the old mountain song “O Death.”  Most of us are probably familiar with Ralph Stanley’s a capella version made famous in the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou. In this lifetime, we certainly know death.  On this Memorial Day as we remember the servicemen and service women who died for the USA, I…

The Eternal Destiny of Little Ones Who Die Before Trusting Christ

A good friend recently wrote me with a serious question: Where does it say in the Bible that younger children are safe from Hell up to a certain age? She, of course, is talking about the doctrine that many call “the age of accountability,” and because she’d never actually read anything about it in the Scripture herself, she was wondering if this teaching is actually in the Bible or just something she’d been told.

With a few updates, here is the basic answer I gave her, which I thought would be helpful for others as well.