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Spiritual Kevlar

When the Lord designed your body, He gave you a rib cage to protect two of your most vital organs:  your heart and your lungs. But in battle, that ribcage is not enough. You need something stronger. And so, soldiers began to develop a part of their armor called a breastplate. It was a piece of body armor made of thick leather or metal to give further protect to the chest. Today these are often made of kevlar. They give increased protection to your heart and lungs.

Well, as we continue thinking about us putting on the armor of God, today we turn to the breastplate of righteousness. Righteousness acts like a breastplate because it protects us from the slings, arrows, bullets, and bombs of accusations the devil will throw at us.

You see, one of the devils favorite tactics against Christians is to remind them of all ways they have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The Holy Spirit does this to bring us to Christ, but after coming to Christ, the devil does this to push us away from Christ. He wants to bring up sins that God has forgiven and forgotten. And your breastplate of righteousness protects you.

Your righteousness says back to the devil that I have been redeemed, saved, forgiven, and made righteous before God. In fact, your righteousness is not even your own righteousness. It’s Christ’s. When you come to Jesus in repentance, faith, and love, Jesus gives you his perfect and complete righteousness to cover you. And that is bulletproof.

If you are Christian, you have this righteousness. In the battle, pick it up, put it on, and be victorious.

Change begins in you!


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