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Rooted in Christ

Earlier this year, I purchased a few apple and peach trees to add to my micro-farm. After I planted them, I drove some stakes in the ground a couple feet from their trunks and then ran twine from those stakes to the tree trunks to anchor those trees in place until their root system could grow to firmly secure themselves in the soil. Once those roots grow and work their way into the substrate of that soil, that tree will not be easily moved by wind.

In Ephesians 3, we have a similar picture. The Holy Spirit, through Apostle Paul, talks about Christ dwelling in our hearts through faith so that we would be rooted and grounded in love. Just as the soil is the substrate for a tree, love for God is the substrate for Christ in our hearts. It’s what Christ anchors to our soul. If there is no love for God, Christ will not and, indeed, cannot take root.

So, as you think on this picture today, may your love for God be rich. May your love for God be deep. May your love for God be wide so that Christ may take root in your heart and dwell forever.

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