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Personal Criticism

CJ Mahaney of Sovereign Grace Ministries is writing a very helpful blog series called “The Pastor and Personal Criticism.”  While it’s geared toward pastors, I believe it’s very helpful in dealing with personal criticism for all Christians.  I really encourage you to read these as I am so that we will be better helped to handle personal criticism in a godly way the next time it comes a-knocking.

  1. The Pastor and Personal Criticism
  2. The Pastor’s Temptation when Criticism Arrives
  3. Learning Wisdom by Embracing Criticism
  4. A Kind and Painful Bruising
  5. The Pastor’s Wife and Her Role when Criticism Arrives
  6. Adding a Few Smudges to My Moral Portrait
  7. Deal Gently with Your Critics
  8. Why Faithful Pastors Will Be Criticized


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