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Father of the Imperfect

As Christians, we understand that we are undoubtedly called to obedience by God in the Scripture, but we are not yet perfect. Yes, we will one day be perfect in glory, and yes, we are positionally perfect before God right now because we have trusted in our perfect Savior, but here on the earth, we are not perfect yet.

We fall short, miss the mark, grieve the Spirit, veer off the path, and embody imperfection. We know God’s expectation and long to be meet it, but we imperfectly execute obedience, and often our imperfection crushes us, leaving us downcast. We are disappointed in ourselves and feel sure that God is ready to judge us harshly.

Certainly, our sin should grieve us but never forget in moments like these that your heavenly Judge is also your heavenly Father who loves you with a perfect love even when you aren’t perfect. As a Christian, you are His child. He has adopted you. His love for you isn’t conditioned on your perfection, but rather on His promise to love you to perfection.

He is faithful even when we are not, and instead of pointing out the door and screaming to our downcast selves to “Get out!” He comes over and lifts up our head, just like He has revealed Himself to do in Psalm 3:3, “But you, O LORD, are… the lifter of my head.” In His grace and mercy, our heavenly Father lifts up our head and reminds us that nothing can separate us from His love.

Beloved, I pray that you would revel in the love that your heavenly Father has for you. Even when you fall short and are downcast, know that His love for you has not fallen short. Soon He will lift your head so that you will not wallow in your shortcomings, but rather rejoice in His grace. You are a child of the Father, and His love covers your multitude of sins. His perfect love will not be extinguished by your imperfection here on the earth and will endure until He makes you perfect in glory and then forevermore! “Abba! Father!”


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