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Change Begins in You (2023-01-23)

Have you ever thought about the difference between a tradition and a commandment? A tradition is something that people have just come up with over the years. Somebody started doing it, and somebody decided to keep doing it. Traditions come and go, and we can take them or leave them.

But a commandment is something that God has decided, something God came up with. They are an extension of His holy character and will, and they are always good. Now, we may be free to ignore them, but it’s foolish to do so because one day we will be held accountable for them when we stand before God.

One time Jesus ran into a bunch folks who were all upset because he was breaking one of their traditions. He wasn’t washing his hands according to their custom, but Jesus reminded them they had broken God’s commandment concerning the care of their parents, which was a really serious issue and one that they would be judged by God for.

I wonder how often we worry all about things that are just traditions people have come up with instead of focusing on the things we’ll actually be held accountable for, the commandments of God. Beloved, don’t worry about what man has created. Worry about what God has commanded. It’ll make all the difference today and into eternity.

Change begins in you!


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