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Change Begins in You (2022-12-26)

I sure hope you had the merriest Christmas! I bet there was a lot of joy, but did you get the deepest and highest part of your joy from Jesus? A few weeks after Jesus was born there in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph went to the temple in nearby Jerusalem to sacrifice to the Lord and took Jesus with them.

There they encountered an elderly man named Simeon who had been longing and praying for the Messiah Christ to come. In fact, the Holy Spirit had told him he would not die before see the Christ with his own eyes. And when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus in, his heart leapt with joy at what his eyes beheld. Mary even let him hold Jesus in his arms. There finally was the Messiah Christ! Simeon could then die in peace, knowing that the savior of the world had come. His joy was made complete.

Has Jesus made your joy complete? Beloved, you’ll never know real joy until you know Jesus. Take him into your heart and into your life, and you’ll have joy higher than the mountains and deeper than the seas. Receive Him and rejoice!

Change begins in you!


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