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Change Begins in You (2022-12-12)

Is there ever a wrong time to do good? Those who opposed Jesus thought so.

On one Sabbath day, Jesus and his disciples were exceedingly hungry as they walked through ripened wheat fields. So, food was all around them. But it was the Sabbath, and they weren’t supposed to do anything resembling work. So, what were they to do? Eventually overcome by hunger, they began to pluck a few heads of grain and began to eat.

That made the religious leaders very angry, but Jesus reminded them that God loves mercy more than sacrifice. In other words, God loves needy people being helped more than observing some ritual.

Soon thereafter on that same Sabbath, Jesus encountered a man with a withered and useless hand. Having mercy on him, Jesus healed him. The Sabbath police were enraged. But again Jesus reminded them it is always lawful to do good, even on the Sabbath.

Beloved, make no mistake about it: it’s always the right time to do good. God always loves when you show mercy and kindness to somebody. So get out there today and do some good. You can’t go wrong.

Change begins in you!


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