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Change Begins in You (2022-11-07)

It really doesn’t take much of something to get in our eye and cause a lot of pain. The smallest speck can hurt so badly, leaving us begging somebody to help get it out quickly.

But Jesus says while we should definitely help others out with their eye, we should be way more concerned about what’s in our own eye than in theirs. Theirs may be a speck, but we should see ours as a log.

He used that illustration in Matthew 7 to teach us to be careful about judging others because we will be judged by the same measure we judge them. Therefore, we should be way harder on ourselves than on them. We should see our own issues, sins, and shortcomings as much bigger and more serious.

If we follow Jesus’ teaching here, it’ll humble us and make us more gracious and merciful and in the end more helpful toward others. Couldn’t our community use more of that?

Change begins in you!


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