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Change Begins in You (10-20-2022)

A man hiking in Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon found himself in a literal pinch. An 800-pound boulder suddenly rolled down, pinning his hand. He couldn’t free it, and after being trapped for 5 days, he had to do something drastic. And so, with a multitool, he amputated his own right hand and lived to tell the tale.

You see, dangerous situations call for drastic measures, and Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:29–30 our sin is a dangerous situation. It will cause us go to hell. So, He implores us to take drastic measures. Tear out your eye or cut off your hand if they cause you to sin, He said. Not literally. He’s being hyperbolic, but His point is that we must be willing to remove anything in our life that causes us to sin so that our life will be saved. You see, it’s better to lose that thing on earth than to keep it and wind up in Hell. What needs to be amputated from your life to save your life?

Change begins in you!


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