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Biblical Worship 12: Redemption-Motivated

As a guest author, we welcome to this series Dr. Jason Groe, pastor of Upper Helton Baptist Church, who will present to us five of the eleven essentials we’ll explore.  I pray he’ll be as big a blessing to you as he has been to me!

We now turn to our final essential of biblical worship, which is redemption-motivated.  Worship is to be motivated by redemption, and here are some signs worship has redemption in its ministry.

Redemptive worship do not use the Bible as weapon against the sheep.  Sadly, preachers have used the holy Scriptures to tear down men and women without ever building them back up.  This is a terrible practice.  This practice does not work in the exercise of the human body.  When a weightlifter lifts weights, he breaks down his muscles.  But if he never gives those same muscles nourishment and rest, they will not be built back up.  Likewise, preachers must use the Word for redemptive purposes.  The Bible is used medically, not militarily.

Redemptive worship accepts men as the creations of God independent of their stains.  Christ came to us “while we were yet sinners.”  Jesus was rebuked because He dined with people known as “sinners and publicans.”  He accepted us as His creation and sought to make us a new creation.   People are made to be more like Him and not more like us!

Redemptive worship speaks boldly against sin and clearly about grace.  In Jeremiah 1:11 God instructed Jeremiah to “tear down” and “build up”.  Of what benefit is it to a man to know his depravity apart from God’s grace?  None!  The common thread throughout the Scripture is God’s bringing salvation to fallen man.  If the ENTIRE Bible is the message of salvation of grace, then so must be our messages.  Love is to be the spirit behind all our actions.  As Jesus is lifted up, then men will be brought to Him.

Redemptive worship is “can” worship.  We are to stress to people the possibility of knowing God’s redemption.  We must keep it within reach without compromise to the integrity of the Gospel.  Some churches have decided to be pragmatic in their approach while others seek to soften the Bible’s message so as to not offend.  Jesus spoke words that offended (Luke 4 and Mark 6).  We are not to be offensive, but the Gospel sometimes is.  People must leave our churches knowing the possibility of doing God’s will in Christ.

Redemptive worship discovers the fruits of worship.  We Delight in God.  God delights in us. We draw near God.  God draws near to us.  God ministers to us—He meets with us, strengthening our faith, intensifying our awareness of his presence , and granting refreshment to our spirits.  The Lord’s enemies flee.  Unbelievers know they are in the presence of God.

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  1. Brother Ben,

    I discovered your blog through reading blogs of Trevin Wax – “Kingdom People,” which I read regularly. I just want to thank you for pastoring your congregation toward sound biblical worship. I have a deep concern for worship life in our Tennessee Baptist churches, and find good encouragement through what I have read here. Hope to learn more about you and your pastoral ministry. Perhaps our paths will cross someday soon. Meanwhile, keep shining the bright Light of the Gospel!

    • Paul, thank you so much for the encouragement! I really appreciate all that you do for TN Baptists as you help us better worship the Lord and pray that our paths will cross as well. Blessings!

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